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There's an easier way to identify, track, and make sense of consumer and technology change.

Innovaro's subscription service gives
insight, strategy, R&D, and innovation professionals
the edge they need to understand the future.


This series identifies and explains key consumer trends, including emerging trends not covered by other sources. By explaining the underlying drivers of consumer trends, not only how consumers’ lives are changing but also why, subscribers gain a rich understanding of what changing demographics, tech usage, and consumer shifts will mean for the future of their business.


Delivering insights about how new technologies may shape the future business environment, this series let busy professionals get beyond the churn of daily tech headlines to see technology from a strategic point of view. Subscribers gain valuable perspective on the technologies that will transform—and potentially disrupt—the global economy.




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Change happens

More and more businesses understand that radical changes are underway in consumer values, business models, and technology. If you organization isn’t actively and aggressively planning for the longer-term future, now is the time to start. Don’t get blindsided by the future…

You’re having trouble keeping up…

With immediate access to more than 1,300 reports on a wide variety of topics, clients can quickly get up to speed on many trend and foresight topics. Clients can also focus more of their time on critical thinking and strategic planning and less time on scanning for trends.

Next quarter / season / product cycle isn’t good enough

You need to look further out to understand the future and give yourself time to act. Unlike trendspotting and “cool-hunting” firms, our research helps companies look out 5, 10, or even 25 years and apply those insights back to today.

You need a trusted partner

Trend work can invite hyperbole, but Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight has a clear track record. Since 2002 these projects have continuously provided subscribers with rigorous research of trend and foresight topics without overly optimistic techno-hype. And with 1,300+ reports, it’s perhaps the longest running and most extensive service of its kind.

We provide an integrated view

Companies need to understand the impact of consumer trends and technology trends in tandem…how technologies impact and alter consumer lifestyles and how consumers affect the development and application of new technologies.

No other company provides a comprehensive, integrated point-of-view of the future that combines both consumer and technology trends like we provide with Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight.

You need diverse points-of-view

Most of our research briefs synthesize dozens of sources and provide our point-of-view on the future, but we recognize that there are people all around the world in business, government, think-tanks, etc. who are doing solid foresight work and often have access to unique data. When we find a particularly authoritative forecast from one of these organizations, we create a “single-source” brief that summarizes and critically analyzes the findings. This is just one more way that the Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight projects help you understand the forces of change.

Disruption won’t likely come from within your industry

While other companies specialize in a particular market or industry, we take a generalist approach, monitoring a wide range of business-critical domains. We take this approach because we believe that most of the opportunities—and threats—that a company will face will come from areas outside of their core business.


~100 new reports each calendar year
An archive of over 1,300 reports from previous years
Special research series
Options for unlimited usage and report sharing for your entire organization
Report management and personal custom collections

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